Child Education Support Scheme (CESS)

Profiled children yet to be sponsored: 354

The Child Education Support Scheme (CESS) is a child aid and development programme that provides access to quality basic education for needy children living in deprived rural communities in Ghana. Even though free education was implemented in 2014, it only covers tuition costs leaving expenses such as stationery, feeding fees, school uniforms etc. uncovered. Many rural poor parents are unable to afford lunch and learning materials including books. For this reason, pupils (especially girls) are most likely to drop out of school. This is where CRAN’s CESS steps in. By arranging sponsorships for needy children, we aim to help them stay in school and graduate to realize their full potential.

"Pictures of CESS beneficiaries with parents, sponsors and CESS coordinators"

CRAN CESS is intended to:

  • Minimize the number of brilliant children who drop out of school due to financial constraints.
  • Support needy but academically capable children through basic education (Primary to SHS 3).
  • Lighten the financial burden on poor parents and guardians who struggle to keep their children in school.
  • Give children the opportunity to build and secure their future through formal and vocational education.

Who qualifies?

  • Brilliant but needy children with emphasis on girls.
  • Children drawn from deprived villages and communities.
  • Orphaned children needing support.
  • Children under the care of single or incapacitated parents.
  • Children of economically overburdened and distressed rural families especially large families in which children are not given adequate educational support.

What is provided for the child with
$15/month or $180/year?

  • School fees
  • School uniform
  • School bag
  • Shoes
  • Textbooks and stationery
  • Daily school lunch subsidy
  • Health Insurance
  • Sanitary Pads

How CESS works

  1. Identification and selection of child;
      • Brilliant but needy children who express willingness to study and pursue their future goals are identified and selected by teachers.
      • The Officer in charge of the CESS program examines the track record and academic performance given by either the teachers or the parents/guardians of the child to recommend that the child be accepted for sponsorship.
  2.  The CESS officer creates a detailed profile on every child selected.
  3. These profiles are sent to potential sponsors to select a child that they may be willing to sponsor. Once sponsors decide to support a child, they may commit to support the child until 1st year of Tertiary/University education and or beyond.
  4. Sponsors receive annual reports on their beneficiary children.

Latest update:

At the moment we have 171 children on our scheme in different schools in Central, Western and Volta Regions in Ghana.

We welcomed 10 new children to the scheme on February 2020.

Profiled children yet to be sponsored: 354


Congratulations to all fresh Senior High School Students. The CESS beneficiaries together with their parents paid a visit to CRAN head office in Cape Coast to receive their school materials.

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