As a volunteer with CRAN, you choose how to spend your stay – either by working with our project communities directly or assisting in the office.

We need you

CRAN offers volunteering opportunities that bring fulfilment. We look forward to seeing you. You and your help are very much welcomed.




host family


per month


minimum 6 weeks

+ Airport Pickup


2 weeks


Accommodation (per month)

GHS 130 

€ 21.70 / 24.5

Daily breakfast and dinner (per month)

GHS 1,260

€ 210 / 237.5

Utilities (Water and Electricity) (per month)

GHS 50 

€ 8.30 / 9.43

Registered SIM card (Onetime payment)

GHS 10 

€ 1.60 / 1.80

Internet access (per month)

GHS 50

€ 8.30 / 1.50

24/7 emergency Health & safety system stand by doctor for all cases (Onetime payment)

GHS 500

€ 83.30 / 94.3

Programme administrative costs includes pickup from/to airport on arrival & departure (Onetime payment)

GHS 1,100

€ 190 / 207.4


GHS 3,100

€ 523 / $ 576.43

Our volunteers play a crucial role in the team. They mainly support and understudy the programme’s officer in work related activities. Our most recent volunteer was Theske Voige, from Germany. She joined the team in October 2019 and departed end of May 2020.

Theske Voige's experience in Cape Coast, Ghana

“I arrived in Ghana on October 15th, 2019. After a tiring flight I finally arrived at 9pm in Accra. Not knowing what to expect and who I was looking for, I stepped out of the airport. The first thing I noticed was the heat. Even though it was dark already it was still very hot. For a second, I was alone in a foreign country, I couldn’t see a familiar face but then I saw a sheet with my name on it. Allswell, Felix and Uncle Wilson were already waiting for me. Though we didn’t know each other it was a very warm welcome. In the next months I would experience much more of the Ghanaian hospitality.

Our journey continued from Accra to Cape Coast, the town CRAN is headed and I would live for the next six months. By the time we arrived at my host family’s house it was already midnight. I took some tea and bread and finally my room was shown to me and I could sleep.

The next two weeks my coordinator, Allswell, planned a fun programme for me to get to know the whole organisation CRAN and its staff as well as Cape Coast and Central Region. We visited most of the tourist sites like Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle and Kakum Nationalpark. Moreover, she introduced me to the local food step by step. Even though at first it is very hot I have now adjusted to the spices and I love the local food. We spend a lot of good times together. Very soon I felt part of the CRAN team. My opinion on projects counted from the very beginning; my input was acknowledged. I already made friends for life I am so grateful to have met through CRAN.

Equally, in my host family I was welcomed warmly. Everyone was very open and made me feel at home very soon. Even though I was worried about coming to Ghana alone, staying in a foreign country, with a family I didn’t know, I am very happy and feel blessed to have made this decision. Of course, the first week I was shy and maybe around that time I would have liked to have someone by my side that is experiencing, is challenged by the same impressions. Nevertheless, coming alone opens so many opportunities to meet the Ghanaians and to enjoy the stay in the fullest.

My work at CRAN is a fulfilling experience. Though it can be tough, I am very passionate about CRAN’s work. I had many encounters with many different people. Some have been sad, some have been happy, but all have been touching. Without exception I enjoy every day working with CRAN. The environment at CRAN is very friendly and close and the work we are doing is helping disadvantaged which always keeps us going.

Now, four months in the volunteer programme, I feel very much at home in Cape Coast and like my work a lot. This stay already taught me so many lessons. Ghana and CRAN will always have a special place in my heart.”

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