Education Infrastructure

CRAN’s development agenda is closely linked with providing better opportunities to rural and peri-urban children through formal education. In this regard, CRAN has vigorously embarked on providing educational infrastructure such as classrooms, ICT laboratories and teachers bungalows in some cases to rural and peri-urban communities and schools in its operational areas as a motivation for children to be enrolled in school.

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Latest update:

Anthony AME Zion Basic School

Through its Micro-Enterprise Development Project (MEDP), CRAN discovered a village with a dilapidated school infrastructure in the Twifo Hemang District in the Central Region of Ghana. In 2017, a new school was built with support from Bingo-Umweltstifung Niedersachsen 

Anthony AME Zion Basic School

Abakam School

EKON Kindergarten

Shama School